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Permanent Brass Tree Labels

brass tree tag photo

Plastic labels like those that we ship with our trees are temporary and will fade due to sunlight, becoming unreadable after one season. These permanent labels are hardened brass, about the thickness of a dog license(40 thousandths of an inch,) and custom imprinted with the name of your tree. A wire hanger and instructions for attachment are included. Shipment is by Priority Mail.

Specify imprint names of trees or plants.

1-12 labels $3.00 each, $5.75 shipping on all
13-25 labels $2.75 each, $9.00 shipping on all
26-50 labels $2.50 each, $14.00 shipping on all
50+ labels $2.50 each, shipping 10% of total

Felco — Simply the Best Pruners in the World

Felco 8 (righty ) and 9 (lefty) Precision Cut Pruners:
These Swiss hand held pruners are the best in the business.
3/4 lb, $52.00

Felco 6 (righty only):
For small hands, these are the same quality as the 8's and 9's, but are easier to grip
3/4 lb, $52.00

Leather holster for pruning shears1/4 lb, $8.50

Pruner and holster package (Felco #'s 6, 8 or 9)1 lb, $58.00

Felco 600 folding saw 
Small enough to fit into your pocket. It really cuts! 
Will handle branches up to 4" in diameter.  $28.00
Felco 21: Long-handled professional pruners These are the kind used in commercial orchards.
If you do a lot of pruning on mature trees, these are worth having. $85.00
Felco SS Sharpener 
 A 3 3/4-inch-long sharpener with a composite steel blade. No pressure required. Great! $17.00

Precut Hardware-cloth Screens for mouse and rabbit protection

photo of hardware-cloth screen
It may seem extravagant to buy screens instead of cutting your own from a 3-ft. roll of hardware cloth, but having those screens right there when you plant (instead of, “Oh, the trees will be OK until I get a chance to pick up a roll at the store...” and later, “D__n! I meant to get that tree screened!”)
After years of hearing sad stories about girdled fruit trees, we have started offering to our customers the same hardware-cloth screens that we use in our own orchard. We recommend hardware cloth instead of plastic guards or wraps because it allows air to circulate freely around the stem, keeping away molds and rot. The screen will make a 4-inch diameter cage that is one-and-a-half feet high. Instructions included.


Quantity Price each Shipping on all
1-2 $4.00 $7.50
3-8 $3.50 $10.50
9-12 $3.50 $12.00
13-15 $3.50 $13.50


Plant Pro-tec Natural Deer Repellent

photo plant pro-tec unit on roseh

A Natural Deer Repellent that lasts! Thanks to a semi-permeable membrane that prevents breakdown of the active compounds (garlic and hot pepper) as they are slowly released, this product has staying power. One unit may be enough, or you may need 2 or 3 for a larger tree. Use only where a fence is not practical.

Quantity Price, including shipping
25 units $21.50
50 units $33.50
250 units $126


Nut Wizard Handy Pick Up Tool

Perfect for picking up black walnuts and butternuts, but also works for tennis balls, drop apples, oranges, sweet gum fruits, almost anything that is round or oval and between 1 1/4 inch and 4 inches. Comes with its own handle and wire frame unloading bracket, which can be mounted on a standard 5-gallon bucket. Simply place flexible tines down over  the "hump" of the bracket, twist, and voila — the nuts or other gathered objects fall easily into the bucket!

Nut Wizard Tool $50.00, Shipping $20.00: Total including shipping = $70.00





illustration hardshell nut cracker
This high-leverage heavy duty cracker is designed so that even kids can crack the most difficult nuts. Black walnuts, butternuts, hickory and hazelbert all crack rapidly and easily. Nut size adjustment is simple and the unit may be mounted either horizontally (on a homemade wooden tray) or vertically (wall, etc.) Shells break outward from the kernel yielding chunks instead of bits. Now you can have your own freshly-cracked nuts in breads, cakes, cookies and candy.   Wt. 5 lb., Price: $52.00